Pink Screening Security Policy

Layered Security

Application Security For Background Checks
Data transmitted to or from Pink Screening applications is encrypted using TLS 1.2. We store sensitive information in encrypted form using a unique key. We engage independent security experts to audit our code and test our applications for vulnerabilities.

Account Security For Employers and Candidates
We follow best practices for protecting your Pink Screening employer or candidate account, with passwords hashed and salted using PBKDF2, role-based access controls, and suspicious activity alerts.

Organizational Security
All Pink Screening employees and contractors undergo in-depth background checks before joining the team, and our in-house privacy and security experts regularly audit compliance with policies and procedures.

All employee laptops have mandatory full-disk encryption, and we strictly limit and audit access to customer data.

Infrastructure Security: SOC Certified
Our infrastructure service providers, such as Hivelocity and Amazon Web Services, have achieved SOC certification and meet rigorous standards for protecting the networks and servers powering Pink Screening.

High Availability

Uptime Monitoring
The Pink Screening platform is independently monitored 24/7 from 60+ locations around the globe for any signs of downtime or service degradation.

Our US-based support team is on hand, Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 6PM ET to answer any questions should you suspect an uptime issue.

Backup and Failover
We architect Pink Screening platform, applications and databases across multiple availability zones for fast failover and send frequent backups in encrypted form to an offsite location.

Non-Disruptive Deployment of Code
Our engineering team uses blue/green deployments for releasing changes into production, which lets us deliver frequent updates while minimizing the need for maintenance windows with downtime.

Scalable Architecture
Pink Screening is a scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant US-based web service, leveraging best-of-breed infrastructure providers to optimize availability and performance.

Report A Security Concern

Report any security concerns directly to