Pink Screening Offers Social Media Screening

Did you know that most individuals who commit workplace violence such as physical and
sexual assault have no criminal past? And that you can be held liable for employee’s online
behavior? Employees’ sexual harassment, racist remarks and hate speech, insults and bullying,
and threats of violence, represent tremendous reputational and legal risks to your organization.

With a social media report, you get a quick understanding of your candidate’s online behavior.
This report ultimately speaks to their character and possible mental wellbeing and provides you
with a rigorous method to mitigate these risks – ultimately protecting your brand and bottom-line.

Click here to view a sample social media report.

1. What?
A social media report provides an overview of a candidate’s online persona, mental health,
and character.

2. Why?
Mitigate risk in hiring a candidate that could pose harm to your brand or workforce.

3. How?
Combination of AI and human analysis of public posts across the top (5) social media platforms and
web and news articles.

Quick Facts

• Employers can create legal, reputational, and cultural risks by ignoring social media conduct, mainly
if the conduct constitutes harassment based on a protected class.

• An employer may face liability if it is aware of discriminatory harassment – even if it is done through an
employee’s social media use and outside of work hours – if the conduct creates a hostile work environment.

• Employers must act against their employees’ racist online comments. Employers may need to avoid legal
liability and, probably more importantly, maintain a culture of inclusion.

• Your hiring managers are most likely reviewing their candidate’s social media posts in an ad-hoc manner
which could introduce your company to EEOC violations.

• Also, consider this SHRM article on social media screening.

Key Differentiators

1. Fast turnaround time, typically within 4 hours of submission.

2. Broader use of AI with risk classifications for both text and images including toxic, insults, hate speech,
political speech, violence, self-harm, and drugs/alcohol.

3. Sentiment analysis indicating possible changes in mental state.

4. Post insights, including risk makeup and channel volumes.

5. Coverage including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and web/news.


What do I need to provide to get a social media report on my candidate?
Full name, address, college/high school, employer, age, and email.

What do I get in the social media report?
A searchable PDF indicates the subject’s profiles, post insights, flagged posts, and web/news results.

Is it Legal?
Yes. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in an opinion letter, granted the right to scan an applicant’s
social media history to companies that conduct background checks on behalf of prospective employers
if you follow FCRA guidelines.

How much does it cost?
A social media report costs $35.00.

Click here to view a sample social media report.