Pink Screening Mobile Background Checks

When it comes to ordering background checks, users want an order process that is easy
and fast for their candidates. This is why we were one of the first screening companies in
America to add the candidate invitation email.

With this feature, the user selects their package from a menu then sends an email to the
candidate. The candidate opens the email, reads some instructions and then clicks a link.

A screen opens in the candidate’s browser where they enter their name, DOB, SSN, current
address and state where the job is located. They are then presented with their FCRA Summary
of Rights and legally required disclosures. These will include federally required disclosures and
if they live in a state or city that requires a background checks disclosure, they will see these too.

On the final screen, they will be presented with their authorization form language and provide
their electronic signature.

In order to make this process even easier for candidates, they can easily follow this process
on their smartphone or tablet.

We’ve included some screen shots below to show how this works.

In the first screen shot, the candidate receives the email. They open the email and read through
some instructions, then they click a link.

This advances them to a screen where they will click a button to get started. Next, they will enter
the information required to process their searches and then move through a workflow where they
are presented with their FCRA Summary of Rights and legally required disclosures, and where they
e-sign their consent form.

According to Pew Research, nearly 80% of Americans own a smartphone. If your candidates are
in this group, then our mobile process will be a snap for them.