What’s in your background check?

Available search types for all positions

SSN Trace & Address History Search

> Our source for this search is a third-party that serves the consumer reporting industry and their platform
aggregates “credit header” data from the three major credit bureaus. This information will verify that the name
and SSN entered into our system matches the name and SSN on file with the credit bureaus, and then we also
access the person’s known residential address history so we can process county criminal searches in their
current and prior counties of residence.

County Criminal Search Based on 7 Year Address History

> Our system is electronically integrated with 2,000 county court systems so we can retrieve court records in
these counties quickly. For courts that will not allow an integration (another 1,200), our system dispatches court
researchers to those courthouses and they report any findings to us electronically. Once we receive information
from the courts or from a researcher, our Quality Assurance team reviews the information for accuracy before it
gets reported to the client.

Criminal Database Search

> Our system is integrated with a nationwide criminal database. Criminal history information is filed in the database
by name and date of birth match. In accordance with FCRA guidelines, we do not report non-convictions older than
seven years. Also, to maximize FCRA compliance, all completed reports are emailed to the candidate, along with the
name and address of the company requesting the information, in case any adverse information from the database is
added to a candidate’s report. Please read our criminal database warning here.

50-State Sex Offender Registry

> Our Nationwide Criminal Database includes the sex offender registries from all 50 states.

Government Sanctions / Watchlists

> Our Nationwide Criminal Database includes all major government watchlists, such as EPLS, SDN, OFAC, OIG, GSA,
Treasury, FBI and many others.

Nationwide Federal Crimes Search

> Our platform is integrated with the federal courts information service, providing access to court records from all federal
district courts nationwide.

Employment Verifications

> Our internal verifications team will call employers to verify that a person has been truthful about where they worked, their
title and dates of employment and we will ask if the person is eligible to be re-hired. Some employers outsource these verifications
to a third-party called the Work Number. When this is the case, our team will log into the Work Number website to perform the
verification and there will be a pass-through fee added to your invoice.

Education Verifications

> Our internal verifications team will call colleges / universities / high schools to verify that a person has been truthful about their
level of education, dates of attendance and graduation date. Some higher education institutions outsource these verifications to
a third-party called the National Student Clearinghouse. Our system is integrated with this service and there will be pass-through
fee added to your invoice.

Drug Testing and Occupational Health Services

> Our platform is integrated with two sources for drug testing: LabCorp and eScreen. LabCorp drug tests are more economically
priced but can take anywhere from one to seven days to process. The eScreen network includes all major national testing companies
like LabCorp, Quest, Concentra, US Healthworks, ArcPoint, Nova, MedExpress and many others, plus thousands of independent labs.
Most clinics in the eScreen network have special hardware and software installed in the clinics so that clean drug test results can be
reported instantly. This applies to the 5-Panel test (eCup) and the 6 – 10 Panel tests (xCups). Both LabCorp and eScreen provide a
range of occupational health services like communicable disease testing, vaccines and titers. Only eScreen offers physicals, lift tests,
and respiratory function tests. Both LabCorp and eScreen services are available to all clients.

Employment Credit Reports

> The subject of using credit reports in the job application process has been in the news lately. “Fair Hiring” advocacy groups have
been politically active, raising concerns that when credit reports are part of an employment background check, the information on
the credit report may be used unfairly against the job applicant, possibly even resulting in discriminatory impact. They have lobbied
politicians at all levels of government and even targeted some corporations with negative publicity. As a result of this activism, many
states and cities have started legislating strict limits on the use of credit reports in hiring decisions and there is a bill in Congress that
would ban employment credit reports except when required by law or to obtain a national security clearance.

Additionally, there have been several lawsuits recently against employers and background check companies related to employment
credit reports for non-compliance, creating confusion over what is legal and what is not.

Because of this public pressure, legislation and lawsuits, we no longer offer employment credit reports.

The alternative that is preferred by many companies these days is to not order a credit report, but instead to order a Bankruptcies, Liens
& Judgements search. This search will reveal if the candidate has been sued for defaulting on any credit obligations, been involved in any
civil court proceedings and/or filed bankruptcy.

This search reveals a person’s fiscal responsibility, without the additional risk or stigma associated with employment credit reports.

Healthcare Sanctions (FACIS)

> The Fraud Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) search is the industry leading standard for discovering disciplinary actions and
debarments in a healthcare setting. It covers more than 5,00 data sources at the federal and state levels, including OIG (OIG database
verification), SAM (including SDN), FDA, DEA, TRICARE, FBI, U.S. DOJ, U.S. Treasury Dept., U.S. State Dept. and all state-level Federal
Healthcare Entitlement Program (FHEP) sources (State Medicaid Exclusions, State Contractor Disqualification/Debarment Lists, HEAT
Task Force News, State Attorney General News, Federal District – Attorney General News, Medicare/Medicaid Opt-Out Lists).

License / Certificate Verifications

> Our internal verifications team will call to verify professional licenses or certificates.

Professional References

> Our internal verifications team will call to perform professional reference verifications.

Driving Records

> Our platform is integrated with a third-party and their platform is integrated with all 50 state department of motor vehicles. Some states
limit how far back a driving record can be obtained by a background checks company and will release more information to the person the
record belongs to with an in-person request. Driving records are delivered instantly. 

International Searches

> We have capabilities to obtain background information in 240 countries and territories. Many countries will not release criminal history to
third-parties so the only alternative is to check criminality databases and adverse media sources. Some countries will issue criminal conduct
certificates with limited information. We also have access to education and employment verifications, driving records, civil court records and
credit histories in many countries. Pricing for these searches is considerably higher than domestic searches and must be quoted by country
and search type.

Self-Background Checks

> Some companies want the candidate to cover the cost of their own background check. This is especially true among nonprofits that vet
volunteers. We can accommodate this upon request.

DOT Background Check Services

> Please click this link to view the FMCSA Driver Qualification File checklist.

These are the DOT regulated services we offer:

– CDLIS – Three Year Commercial Driver’s License History
– CDL Driving Record
FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse (starts 01/06/2019)
– DOT Physical
– DOT Drug Test
– DOT Employment Verification
– DOT Random Drug Testing Options