Criminal Database Warning

If your criminal package includes a national or statewide criminal database search, please note that this is not the most reliable
search product because there are no laws requiring courts to upload their records to criminal databases.

Out of the nation’s 3,200 county courts, about half of them will upload records to a criminal database every 30 days. Among the
rest of them, some will upload quarterly; some will upload semiannually and some never upload records to criminal databases.

As a result, it’s possible that a person will admit to having a criminal record or that you know about it or find out about it from
another source but it will not show up in a criminal database.

Also, there are numerous criminal database search products on the market. It’s possible that a court may report its records to
one criminal database but not to others. This means you might discover a criminal record with one background checks company
and not another because the two background check companies are connected to different criminal database products.

It is also possible that a criminal database may produce “false-positives” by revealing a criminal record on someone with the same
or similar name as your candidate. We do our best to remove these incorrect records from search results but sometimes they may
be unintentionally reported.

Because these search products are not regulated and there is no uniformity from one criminal database to the next, you are urged to
exercise extreme caution when using this type of search product. Strict reliance on these search products is strongly discouraged.

You should only view this search product as being supplemental to a courthouse record search based on the applicant’s residential
address history. Also called a county criminal search, the records on file at the county courthouse are considered to be the most
accurate and reliable.

Also, it is strongly encouraged that you independently verify all national or statewide criminal database record hits by ordering the
county criminal record from the reporting jurisdiction. This is because there are also no laws / regulations that specify what information
courts can upload to criminal databases so it’s a Best Practice to verify these criminal records before a final hiring decision is made.

A county criminal record search can be manually ordered in our system.