We’re Hiring SDRs!

Join the Pink Screening Team as an SDR

We are recruiting Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

We’re a high-growth employment background checks company that employs a distributed sales force and many of our SDRs mature into Account Executives (closers) that earn six figures.

As an SDR for Pink Screening, you would work from home (or any remote location).

This is an independent contractor position so we don’t take payroll taxes.

You must have a decent desktop or laptop computer, access to a high speed internet connection,
a good quality headset and a landline or mobile phone that works all day.

We want people who are ambitious, have a strong desire to mature into an Account Executive role
and have a hunter’s mentality. Additional skills you should bring to the table include:

  • Confidence
  • Passion for helping prospects
  • “Fire in the belly” to achieve
  • Mental toughness
  • Persuasive storyteller
  • Creative risk taker
  • ”People person”
  • Good Listener
  • Curious Learner
  • Intelligence

The ideal candidate will have recent experience as an SDR for a lead generation company, background
checks company, HR software company or tech company.

The successful candidate will propsect senior Human Resources Professionals and Staffing Company Leaders
in the United States, present information about our company, qualify the prosect and schedule them with one
of our closers to view an online demo of our background checks software.

You will primarily be propsecting via cold-calls and post-call emails.

You will also make warm calls to prospects who have expressed interest via email marketing campaigns.

You will be provided with a company email address and access to Hubspot CRM account, to track prospects.

We will also provide you with a link to a closer’s Hubspot calendar app, for scheduling demo appointments.

You will have access to our Discoverorg / Zoominfo account, where you will build your prospect lists and import
this data into your CRM.

We will also provide a sample script plus recorded calls by other SDRs for training purposes. We will also provide
recommended reading material to help familiarize you with all things related to employment background checks.

You will be dialing through Kixie, which is a Chrome Browser extension that integrates with Hubspot. It has Local
Presence Dialing and records every call. We use Kixie to track daily calls and provide feedback.

You should average 150 – 200 dials per day.

During your first month, you will be expected to average 3 to 5 demos secured per week.

After one month, you will be expected to average at least 10 demos schedule per week (2 per day).

Our top-performing SDRs average 15 to 20 demos scheduled per week.

Show Me The Money!

We will start by paying a base salary of $500.00 per week plus a 15% commission on the monthly invoice of each client
we secure from your calls, plus performance bonuses and spiffs, which are described below.

Year 1 OTE for this position has ranged from $35K to $60K.

For some qualified candidates, this may seem less than your current OTE but remember, you will be working as an
independent contractor (most likely from home) so you won’t be spending extra money on gas / transportation to
and from work, dry cleaning, eating out, etc – and we will not be taking any income taxes out of your checks.

Moreover, as an independent contractor, many of your expenses become tax deductible. You will get to reduce your tax
burden by all work-related purchases. Things like technology purchases, internet service, phone service, meals and
entertainment, and a percentage of rent from a home office – all of these things and more become tax deductible business
expenses for a home based independent contractor. You’d want to consult a qualified CPA for a complete explanation.

Commissions will be paid on 12 consecutive invoices from each secured client.

We will also pay bonuses on clients we secure from your calls, based on the client’s projected monthly volume of
background checks.

We also pay out a weekly bonus to the SDR who books the most demos in a week.

> 10 – 50 Background Checks: $50.00 bonus

> 51 – 100 Background Checks: $200.00 bonus

> 101+ Background Checks: $500.00 bonus

> Weekly bonus for most demos secured: $200.00

The $500 weekly salary payment will be payable on Fridays via PayPal. The commissions will be payable within 7 days of
us receiving payment from the client. The volume background check bonuses will be payable after we receive the
first payment from the client. The bonus for most qualified demos secured in a week will be paid on Fridays.

You will be required to send us a PayPal invoice for all payments.

You would have access to a live sales report in our software so you can track total revenue generated and commissions earned.

To express interest in this position, send your resume with all contact info to: resumes@pinkscreening.com.