Pink Screening Product Updates

Pink Screening Product Updates Support Fair Hiring and
Help You Track the Status of Your Drug Tests

Pink Screening customers already have access to the industry’s
most advanced end-to-end employment screening solution, but
we’re always working to enhance our platform to make background
checks even easier and save you time. In this blog, we’re highlighting
a couple of our most recent updates, including a feature that allows
candidates to provide comments about specific records and a new
feature that allows you to track the status of your drug tests.

Pink Screening Supports Fair Hiring with “Comments for Context”

Pink Screening now provides an easy way for candidates to provide
context on their background check results as part of the individualized
assessment you will make when initiating pre-adverse action. We call it
“Comments for Context,” and it’s built-in to every pre-adverse notice,
free of charge.

Our pre-adverse notices now include active hyperlinks to a online “context”
and an online “dispute” portal, making it easy for candidates to check
that the record is accurate, add context if it is, or dispute it if it’s wrong.

The context portal is called a “Confidential Adverse Action Worksheet.” It
allows candidates to share the context around the offense, including their
age when it occurred, what they’ve done since, and rehabilitation efforts.

Confidential Adverse Action Worksheet – Comments for Context

Fair hiring and ban-the-box laws forbid employers from using criminal records
alone as grounds for refusing to hire a candidate (with the exception of specific
legal requirements). Plus, EEOC guidelines suggest that employers consider the
nature of the offense, the time since it happened, and the nature of the job.
These considerations, also called targeted screens or the “Green Factors,” help
you make a specific assessment of the relevance of the offense to your business.

Online Dispute Portal

How “Comments for Context” Works

When you initiate pre-adverse action in our system, you will be prompted to
enter the reason for pre-adverse action and a brief explanation of why this
reason would disqualify the candidate. This language you type into the space
provided will be added directly to the pre-adverse notice that we email to the
candidate. The letter includes links to the dispute portal and the confidential
adverse action worksheet, with instructions on how to use these information
tools so they can file a dispute or provide additional context.

If your candidate uses one of these tools, you will receive an email alert with
a link to login and view their dispute or read the context they have provided.

Comments for Context and our Dispute Portal are part of our commitment to
fostering trust, safety, and fairness throughout the hiring process—for both
employers and candidates—and another way we help you make confident,
effective and fair hiring decisions.

Always Know the Status of Your Drug Tests

Many companies include a drug test with their pre-employment background
check and not knowing the status of the drug test can be frustrating to say
the least. This is why Pink Screening has added the Drug Screen Manager.

When a drug test is ordered in the Pink Screening system, an email is sent to
the applicant with instructions on how to schedule the drug test.

When the email is sent to the applicant, the “status” column displays “emailed.”

When they provide their sample at the clinic, the status column updates to read
“Sample Collected.” If the sample must be sent to a lab for further testing, then
the status column updates to “Sent to Lab.” If the sample must be reviewed by
a Medical Review Officer, the status updates to “Sent to MRO.” Once the test
is complete, the results get added to your final report and we notify you by email.

Knowing the status of your drug tests can help manage your expectations so you
can better plan for the next steps in your onboarding process.

We’re working hard to make background checks easier so you can screen and hire
candidates faster. If you have questions about how to use Pink Screening, contact
our customer support team: Email Us

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