Pink Screening: Email Invitation Orders

Here at Pink Screening, we want our clients to have the best customer experience possible. One of the ways we do this is by investing in our technology to create a user-friendly process for our clients and their candidates.

When employment background check systems first started coming online, the only way to order a background check was for the user to first provide the legally required documents and disclosure forms to their candidates, then login to the web-based system, select your package and or searches from a menu, manually enter all of the required information, like name, date of birth, SSN, past employer info, education verification info, driver’s license number, etc.

This was a fairly time-consuming way to order background checks.

At Pink Screening, we’ve automated this entire process so that all you have to do is login to our system, select your package and/or a la carte searches from a menu and then enter your candidate’s name and email address, and our system does the rest.

We send an email to the candidate with some instructions on how to complete their background check online. The candidate then clicks a link and a screen open in their browser. The first thing the see is their FCRA Summary of Rights, which they can download. They are then advanced through a series of screens where they get to read various disclosures. The very first one is applicable to all candidates. It’s the federal consumer report disclosure. The disclosures that follow may or may not be applicable to each candidate, depending on where they live. This is because the remaining disclosures are specific to state and local requirements. If any disclosure is not applicable, the candidate is informed to simply advance to the next screen.

Once they have been presented with all of the legally required disclosures, the candidate with e-sign their authorization form and then provide any information required to process the searches, like their name, DOB, SSN and current address. For packages that contain other searches, like employment verifications, education verifications, professional references or driving records, the candidate will enter this information also.

When they have finished entering all required information, the candidate will be logged out of the system. We then send an email to the client, informing them the candidate has completed their background check application. Then, a couple days later, we will email a copy of the completed report to the client and the candidate.

In addition to this order process, we also have a couple different options that allow our clients to our background checks from inside their Applicant Tracking System or HR software. This is super convenient when you have multiple orders and you do not want to keep switching back and forth between systems.

All of this works when ordering drug tests and occupational health services as well.

For those who are not comfortable using the electronic option for any reason, the manual order process remains an option in our system.