Pink Screening: Healthcare

Healthcare Companies Prefer Pink Screening

Healthcare Companies Deserve Advanced Background Check Solutions

Screen candidates on time and on budget with Pink Screening’s flexible, affordable
background check packages tailored for hospitals, clinics and healthcare staffing.

Easy Bulk Orders

Request background checks for
multiple candidates at once to quickly
kick off the screening process.

Simple For Candidates

Compliant, electronic order process
makes it easy for candidates to complete their
background checks on any device.

Fast, Accurate Reports

With machine learning, data science
and quality assurance, you get the fastest,
most accurate reports in the industry.

More than 300 healthcare companies rely on Pink Screening for
fast, accurate background checks and excellent customer service.



Number of basic checks
completed in < 1 minute


25% – 50%

Amount we save most companies
with our competitive rates



Number of disputes registered
with us each year



Number of dedicated service agents assigned to every client’s account

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Custom Invitations & Packages

We can customize packages tailored to different position types and include
a FACIS search covering exclusions, debarments and disciplinary actions.

Add Multiple Users

You can have multiple users and you can set permission levels for each user,
including super admins, report ordering, viewing and accounting.

Easy Invoicing & Accounting

Set up branches or business units to easily allocate expenses on your monthly
invoice and receive a single itemized invoice or site-specific invoices.

Automation = Simplicity

We integrate with every ATS / HRIS and we’ve automated a geocentric adverse
action process that’s compliant with federal, state and local laws.

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