Pink Screening Demo Videos

Sometimes, people are too busy to join us for a live demo or we just can’t coordinate our schedules so we’ve created these Pink Screening demo videos.

If you’re an existing client, please use these videos as a refresher or to train others who will be ordering background checks and drug testing services.

If you’d like to schedule a live demo with us so you can ask questions and view specific capabilities, please contact us here to schedule a live demo.

Pink Screening: Candidate Email Invitation Order Process (5:27)

* Attention. If you are an existing client and you have never used the candidate email invitations before, please
contact us before you get started so we can activate the candidate invitation email message in your account.

Pink Screening: Manual Order Process (5:52)

Pink Screening: Adverse Action Process (6:28)

Pink Screening: Tracking Candidate Invitation Emails (1:45)

Pink Screening: Uploading Documents (1:35)

Pink Screening: Accessing E-signed Authorization Forms (1:09)

Pink Screening: Adding or Updating Credit / Debit Cards (0:52)

Pink Screening: DOT Background Checks (2:40)

Pink Screening: Drug Screen Manager (2:02)

Pink Screening: A la Carte Menu (1:37)

Pink Screening: Add Search to a Completed Order (1:55)

Pink Screening: Adding Users to Your Account (1:16)

Pink Screening: Report Delivery Methods (1:48)

Pink Screening: HR Software Integrations with Hirelink (3:45)

Pink Screening: Email Orders from Inside Your ATS (2:05)

Pink Screening: Ordering Alias Names (4:37)